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How to calculate Age?

How to figure out someone's age in years:

Age in Years = Current Year - Birth Year,
where years is the difference between the current year and the birth year.

Simply take difference between the current month by the birth month to find the difference in months.
months = current month - birth month.

Consider the number of days that separate the individual's birthdate from the present:

days = current day - birth date.
Age is calculated as follows: age = (years x 365) + (months x 31) + days.
The person's age is expressed in days. To get the age in years, divide the figure by 365.

What is my age now?

For instance, if someone was born on July 4th, 1989, and it was now July 5th, 2022, then the results of the preceding procedures would be:
Years apart: 2022 minus 1989 equals 33. If the date we're comparing to was the person's birthday for the current year, then this is their age.
In this instance, the difference in months is 0.
The days difference is: 5 - 4 = 1.
Time = (33 365) + (0 31) + 1, putting each difference in the relevant variable inside the age formula. Thus, we learn that the individual is roughly 12, 046 days old.
To convert a number to years, divide by 365: 12, 046 / 365 = 33.0027 years

Why humans get older?

The physiological changes we go through as we age are referred to as ageing. It is also a necessary component of life.

Because our cells aren't designed to last a lifetime. Over time, our cells architecture and activities deteriorate.

Cellular aging is due to intrinsic factors. It’s related to the biological aging of cells.

The fundamental building units of the organism are cells. Your cells have the ability to divide, grow, and carry out fundamental biological processes.

However, cells age more quickly the more they divide. Cells eventually stop functioning correctly as a result.

As cells age, cellular damage also increases. Thus, the cell becomes less healthy, which leads to the failure of biological functions. Over time, cellular damage also builds up.

What is average life span of human?

Between 2000 and 2019, the average life expectancy grew by more than 6 years, from 66.8 years in 2000 to 73.4 years in 2019. Despite the fact that healthy life expectancy (HALE) improved by 8% from 58.3 in 2000 to 63.7 in 2019, this was owing to falling mortality rather than a decline in years spent in a handicap.

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